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23 Jan '18

How to pick to right size of your kid tee

Posted by keane muna

There are many ways you can use to pick the right t-shirt size for your kid or yourself. But how to do it online? Here are some tips:


Tip #1: Know your size

Choose a t-shirt from your wardrobe that you think most comfortable when you wearing it. Get its measurement from armpit to armpit with a measuring tape. Chest size is the double of the armpit to armpit measurement. Now you know your measurement in inches or centimeters. Then compare your measurement with the size chart.

Tip #2: Find your design

This is easy as basically there are thousands of t-shirt listings on awaits for you. Do a Search on the Search column to get the related results on t-shirts, e.g harry potter t-shirt.


Tip #3: Pick the right size and color

Pick your fit size also the right color.


Tip #4: Buy it!

Pick up the one you like and add to chart. The do the checkout

It's very simple, so.......Happy Shopping

Keane Muna

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